This is what  I'm currently looking for

Transformers I'm interested in:

Loose figures:
a nice jazz with no parts
a nice action master skyfall figure
a nice regular Scourge figure
a nice Needlenose with intact tail fin and no parts
a nice action master blaster with no parts

Transformers parts I need:
Venom's axe 
Barrage's sword
Ransack's Shield 

Transformers Instruction books wanted
Menasor instruction book from gift set 
Piranacon instruction book from gift set

Transformers Tech Specs wanted:
Defensor tech spec from gift set
Menasor tech spec from gift set 
Computron tech spec from gift set 
Piranacon tech spec from gift set 

Newer Transformers Parts wanted:

Beast Wars:
Rattrap Head
Rattrap Gun
Rhinox Tail/axe
Dinobot Tail/sword

Robots In Disguise:



Megatron - Both side Landing Gear [not center]


She-Ra Princess of Power Parts I need:

Scratchin' Catra -  Comb - Silver, mask
Peekablue - Comb, Skirt, shield
Mermista - Comb
Starburst She-Ra Mask with intact sticker, comb
Frosta - Comb



C.O.P.S. and Crooks Parts Needed:

Sgt Mace - Uzi
Koo Koo - Clock Hands
Inferno - Helmet
Nightmare - Gun, little red parts
Hyena - Dagger, Gun, Sheath, Hat
Sundown - balls, Hat
Bowser  - Pistol
Barricade - Blue Handle
Dr. Badvibes - Stumpy arm for buddy
Checkpoint - Helmet
Highway - Revolver , Scope, 9mm gun



GI Joe stuff I need:


GI Joe Vehicle parts:
Earthquake - 4x missiles

Power Rangers parts:



Rambo - Force of Freedom:
TD Jackson - 44 magnum
White Dragon - Throwing Star
Firepower Rambo - 4 Grenades
Eddie Hayes - Pistol
Warhawk - Rifle
Trautman - Pistol
Sgt Havoc - Binoculars, Bazooka
John J Rambo - 2 fist Daggers, Bullet Strip

Toxcid Spider
Pinsor handgun
Skulk handgun


Buck Rogers - Mego:

Buck's Starfighter - Right wing, Left Wing, Nosecone x2, Engine Cone x1



Masters of the Universe parts
Teela Staff
Sy Klone Shield 
Tongue Lashor Dragonfly Weapon 
Fisto Sword
Hurricane Hordak 2 bladed propeller attachment



Kenner Gargoyles Parts I need:

Quick Strike Goliath - Weapon
Coldstone - Missile
Brooklyn - 1st series - 2x Right wing 
Demona - all accessories
Lexington - 1st series - All accessories


M.A.S.K. Parts I need:

Firefly - Julio's Mask



Vintage Star Wars Parts I need:

Y Wing Front Guns


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons LJN Parts I need:

Melf Dagger


Batman Parts I need:


Dark Knight/Returns:







Trobbit Wind Machine main deck



Godaikin parts needed:


Goggle V Chain weapon

"Small version Dynaman" Sword

Deluxe version Dynaman Sword, Missiles, Rt. Hand

Laserion All missiles, 1x head wing [Rt.]

Daitetsujin 17 Base - 1x Tank, 1x Sub, 2x Plane

Deluxe Vavilos missiles

Voltes V Left Fist, 1x Sword, Replacement for Head/jet Section [neck broken], Yellow Wing for Right leg

Dairugger XV - 1x propeller, Head, Blue wrist

Deluxe Biorobo  Sword, missiles

Godsigma - Big Sword, Black whip, Blue Fists, Red Spear gun, Blue Shim, Curve tip word [katana tip], Back wing

Combattra Rt closed Fist, 2x Yellow missile, 6x White missile, Chrome radar thing, 6x chrome missiles, 1x black antenna, black cable, 4x small blue missiles

Deluxe Guardian - Large Blue body with intact chest, Red body [my left arm of it is broken off]


Purple prisma Crystal
Crystar Shield
Magma Man whip
Crystal Shatterpult


Wheeled Warriors Parts:

Lightning League Drivers with Black , Blonde, & Orange hair
back section of Terror Tank's plant arm
Blue Spike wheel armature for spike trike
Arm for Armed Force
Shield for Quick Draw
2 - 3 wheeled chassis'
Sawboss - green laser


E-mail if there's a deal you'd like to arrange