In most businesses there are endless ways to reuse, reuse, and reuse again. I make my best effort to waste as little as possible and reuse as much as possible. A little though and effort keeps useful products out of the trash and actually saves money.

Packaging materials

Cardboard boxes
They are plentiful in this business. I save all boxes I receive. All firm useful boxes are either used for storage of items or shipment of items; all dented, weak, well worn boxes are carved up and put on the curb in the recycle bin where they go off to become fresh new boxes once again.
Foam peanuts
When I do purchase some I get the type that dissolves in water (I believe they are made from corn...). If I receive styrofoam type in a package I get I will save them in a bag and reuse them in another package (they already exist...why waste them).
Crumpled paper
All of the paper stuffing I use comes primarily from newspapers, handouts, and junk mail and stuffing from other packages. I never purchase new rolled paper to crumple up into padding for a package
Bubble wrap
I salvage all clean, dry, useable bubble wrap. Once in a while I have to buy it new but I use it sparingly for fragile items only.


When you make an order you will receive two emailed copies of your order. I do not see the point of wasting paper to include yet another copy in with the package. If you want to have one, simply ask, I will make sure to include it.

Vintage Toys

Actually, if you think about it, twenty years ago many parents threw these in the trash when the children no longer played with them. It explains why so many are so difficult to locate. Now many people collect them, buy and sell them, and salvage them. In an unusual way I see the majority of the collectible market as a form of recycling.