US Shipping: 
I typically ship out packages every other day.

International : all packages are sent by airmail and usually take about 7-14 days to arrive depending on the distance and how quickly packages move through your customs offices. 

* If your order total becomes more than 4 pounds it will require an additional shipping payment and will email you regarding that.

Hold Policy:

I hold item (s) for mail-in payments for 7 days [US] and for 14 days [international]. 

Held items are marked "held",  Please inquire about any "held items" if you're interested if they've been "held" for a while.

Damaged Items or Packages:

This is reimbursed through the shipper (usually the post office). If the post office damages the package and ,in doing so, damages the item inside they are responsible for reimbursing the cost of the item. They will require the packaging and item to be brought to the post office for inspection and will also require a form to be filled out for the re-imbursement. If your package arrives damaged it usually will have a sticker or stamp on it that says: "Received in damaged condition". Please keep the entire packaging if this occurs. It may even be a good idea to not even open it and instead take it to the post office and open it in front of a manager.

Return/Exchange Policy:

If there is a problem with an item, please notify me . I make the best effort to show each item for sale with a picture of that actual item in an effort to avoid and miscommunication/misunderstanding ahead of time. If an item is marked as complete and you know something is missing in the picture of it - then it's obviously not complete. If you are unsure please email me and ask first. I take no responsibility for manufacturer's defects - please contact the manufacturer if there is a problem with a new, sealed item. All sales are considered Final. Returns are accepted only under errors on my part. Shipping fees are not refundable.