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The shopping cart is a basic shopping cart.

It collects the items you want and when you decide you are done shopping takes you to the paypal payment page to buy them using your credit card. Paypal's security information is found on their website here
Domestic US and International Shipping & Handling is calculated automatically.
It will display the amount on the check out screen after you enter your zip code [or country]

How to use the shopping cart:
International Orders:
Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How to use the shopping cart:

The shopping cart does not save items for you - do not add items to it and wait to check out days or weeks afterwards. This website operates as first come first served. If you do not clear your cache regularly and you have old items in a cart, they might have been sold in the meantime. If this is the case check to see if I still have it before you purchase it [otherwise I will just have to send you a refund ...]
The Shopping cart is basic and simple and opens in a new window so Turn Pop-up blockers OFF to use it. The only pop-up you will receive from this site is your shopping cart.
When you find something you want to buy, click the button that says "Order / Add to Cart" 
If you are still looking around, click the button that says "Continue shopping" and it will return you to the last page you were on.
When you are done looking around, click any button of the buttons that say "View Cart" [they are at the top of every page] and it will bring you to the cart page showing all of the items you have selected.
DO NOT email me your credit card number. I cannot input the information into paypal for you. 
If you want to use a Check, Money order, please email me a list of the items you want (you can copy and paste the text from the cart into an email).
International Orders:

Shipping is calculated by the weight of the package and the country it is going to. When you click an "Add item to Cart" button your cart will appear - in the box that says "Ship to" you can click "Ship outside U.S.?" and enter your country - then the shipping amount to your address will appear. 

International packages with a total weight of more than 5 pounds will require and additional shipping cost. If your order ends up weighing more than 5 pounds I will contact you after receiving it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

I clicked on the Add to cart button and nothing happened. What's up?

Most likely you have Pop-up blockers on. You need them "off" to use the cart. The only pop-up my site uses is the shopping cart. The links in my links section also open in a new window. That's it. I do not use any advertising pop-ups or any other pop-ups.
For Internet Explorer and AOL users, look at the bottom right of your browsing window. If you can't see the shopping cart it probably says something like "blocking pop-ups from" down there. You need to click it and choose the option "allow pop-ups from" to use the shopping cart.

I just bought an item and when I go back to the page I saw it on it still shows it available...why isn't it gone?

I update the site manually. Usually multiple times daily. When I receive your order -  I always email you, and then I go delete the items. If you make an order and do not receive an email from me within 48 hours, please check in your spam folder and/or email me and ask about it.

When can I expect my package?

I usually ship the day after I receive the order [Mon-Sat]. US delivery usually takes 2-7 days to arrive. Foreign delivery usually takes 7-21 days to arrive, sometimes longer depending which country it is going to.